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General Classroom Information

  Mrs. Roach’s Classroom Information

    Welcome to second grade 2019-20  I am excited to meet my new students and begin our African safari.  We will be learning lots of fun and interesting things in our time together.  Subjects taught in second grade are reading, math, phonics, spelling, science, social studies, and character education.

     I incorporate my students’ interests to enhance the relevance of core subjects.  

     To obtain good comprehension and fluency, it is important to read nightly.  Students will bring home a basal reader, supplemental reader, comprehension page, or a library book every night except for Friday.

     Students will bring back a signed note that they have read and discussed the reading assignment with a parent. 

     Short math practice pages are given each nightly except for Wednesday and Friday.  These assignments are short and reinforce the day’s math concept.  We have Saxon Math this year. 

     A spelling list will be sent home the first day of every week beginning August 19, 2019.  Students will have a short daily class practice with spelling words.  On Friday we will have a word test and a listening/independent sentence writing test using spelling words on Fridays.