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Class Information

   Class Information:

Welcome!  Here are some things you should know about our class.

Weekly homework assignments will normally be given in reading and math.  The assignments will be fairly short and should not take too long to complete.  A spelling word list with dictation sentences will be sent home at the beginning of each week and a spelling and dictation test will be given on Fridays.  Acclerated Reading (AR) is an additional reading program that is a part of our daily schedule.  Students will check out AR books from the library for reading in class and will also be encouraged to read their AR books at home.  When students are finished reading an AR book, they will take a computer quiz on the book at school to earn AR points.

A progress folder containing some of your child’s work will come home on Tuesdays.  You may keep the papers and return the folder.  School and class notes will be sent in the Tuesday folder and the homework folder to keep you updated on special events.

Lunch and Recess:  11:30-12:30